Local + National Experienced Professionals

About Us

Ally Communications customizes and manages turn-key communications solutions to multi-dwelling unit and hospitality properties across the country.  Our technologies offer high availability and redundancy for the delivery of TV, phone, internet, video surveillance, and building access control systems.  Unlike a traditional service provider, Ally partners with and manages a suite of providers and technologies to deliver seamless, turn-key solutions. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service, and our service-level agreements (SLAs) prove this.

Backing our technological approach is a team that has over 50 years of IT and applications experience with industry leaders such as Cisco, Dish Network, SAS, and IBM.  Together we provide you with an integrated and complete solution to your residents’ and facility’s entertainment and IT needs.  Let us show you how we can provide you with highly reliable solutions backed by a turn-key, 24/7 support model.

Our corporate vision is to partner, or “ally,” with select multi-dwelling unit properties to deliver custom TV, internet, telephone, and IT solutions that improves services and saves properties and their residents’ money.

Who We Are

At its core, Ally is a consortium of local and national TV, phone, and IT companies partnering together to deliver turn-key telecommunications solutions to multi-dwelling unit properties.  We pride ourselves with providing exceptional customer service; our technologies offers high availability and redundancy for all types of entertainment and IT systems, such as TV, phone, internet, network server, wireless, video surveillance, and building access control solutions.