The Process: Assessment

Ally Communications will provide a no-obligation consultation and comprehensive assessment of your property’s current media, communications, and IT infrastructure.

Our in-depth property review allows us to maximize the use of your existing infrastructure, saving you time, money, and headache.  Ally’s assessment phase is based on both the property’s current infrastructure as well as its future objectives and goals.

Infrastructure Assessment

  • Ally’s infrastructure assessment evaluates the type and condition of existing physical wiring and the wireless RF environment. In this phase, we analyze wireless RF propagation, current coaxial cable, twisted pair phone lines, and fiber optic cabling that exists within and between the infrastructure of the building.

Goals and Objectives Assessment

  • Ally’s team work with properties to understand their strategic vision and mission.  Whether the property desires only a single service such as WiFi, or a total-suite of media and telecommunications services such as wireless internet, TV, phone, building access, video surveillance, building automation, Ally develops and offers a customized solution for your specific needs.

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