Will our property receive local stations, including local news and weather?

Yes!  Due to recent FCC changes, local networks are required to be available via satellite.  In addition, Ally can pick these channels up via a single off-air antenna as well, and distribute them throughout your property.

Will our picture go out every time it rains?

No!  Ally’s professionals install a commercial-grade 1-meter dish that amplifies the satellite signal 200 – 300% more than standard residential dishes.

Can we receive HD programming?

Yes! Ally can provide HD programming as part of the property’s base package, or on a per-unit basis.

Can our residents upgrade their TV service? Can they add packages, HD, or DVR service?

Yes, with a digital overlay system individual units can upgrade their TV service to add additional channels, HD, and/or DVR service.  This maximizes resident satisfaction and choice.

Can our residents upgrade their internet service?

Yes, residents can upgrade their service at any time.

How much up front money does a system cost?

Depending on your property’s size and configuration, Ally can offer systems that require NO up-front capital.

Will all TVs and residents require set-top boxes?

No!  Ally provides systems that require no set-top boxes, creating a simple and streamlined user interface.  We can do this with or without HD.

What kind of internet service do you offer?

To the property, we prefer to provision either fiber optic or point-to-point microwave wireless solutions.  Within the property, we can provide fiber, Ethernet, cable-modem (CMTS, or cable modem termination system), DSL (DSLAM, or digital subscriber line access multiplexer), and/or wireless solutions.  Unlike most of our competitors, we’d prefer not to utilize T1s/T3s due to their high cost and extremely limited scalability.  In today’s world where an individual Netflix stream utilizes 5 Mbps, we’d rather not try to sell you bandwidth in 1.5 Mbps increments (which is a standard T1).

What kind of wireless internet service do you provide?

Within the property we provide 802.11n and 802.11ac wireless systems, which utilize beamforming and MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) antennas.  Our systems can provide phenomenal speeds as high as 1 Gbps!

How long will it take to get Ally’s services up and running?

Total turnaround time typically takes 4 to 6 weeks; professional on-site installation is only 1 – 2 days.

How much downtime can I expect for my property?

None!  We won’t cut over our new system until it is installed and tested.