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Active Senior Living

41-seniors_using_laptopKeeping up to date with friends, family, and the world is a priority for active seniors, but worrying about expensive and complicated equipment shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s entertainment experience. Ally’s plans run 30-70% less than traditional cable company costs, and our 24/7 support and service level agreements guarantee that residents  enjoy a low-maintenance and functional solution.

Stay informed with a community channel that allows for neighborhood or community announcements, and let residents enjoy the flexibility to upgrade and enjoy the channels that are most important to them.  ­­­­Below are some of our additional features for senior living communities:

  • Property-wide TV & Internet packages, that allow upgradable options for individual residents
  • Wireless overlay – Not just for smartphones, wireless also serves as the backbone for body-worn safety and communications devices, in case of emergencies or falls.
  • Full landline support allows residents to keep their own phone and phone number
  • Provide full compatibility with standard cable TVs, thus requiring no set-top boxes and creating a simpler user interface
  • Best of all is our 24/7 phone support is local, friendly, and dedicated to Ally’s systems and its properties’ residents
  • Also, optional on-site representatives* are available for supporting residents. Depending on your property’s needs, a dedicated representative can be at the ready for a menu of services.

*some qualifying restrictions may apply

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