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Student Housing and Dormitories

Students want it all because they’re doing it all: gaming, streaming, uploading. Higher bandwidth needs aren’t just an amenity; they’re a necessity for students, particularly in today’s academic world. Providing and managing this bandwidth is essential for attracting and keeping your student tenants.  Ally’s internet solutions are both scalable and flexible, allowing properties to increase aggregate property bandwidth and individual student bandwidth without additional hardware. Plus, Ally manages the network to ensure fair user network access, thwart viruses and spam, and ensure security.  Below are some of our additional services and features for the student housing market:

  • Property-wide TV & Internet packages, that allow upgradable options for individual residents
  • Wireless Internet– provide as an overlay or primary means of connectivity
  • Fully managed network, access point, and end-user management
  • Live TV, with the ability to upgrade for sports or premium packages,
  • 24/7 phone support is local, friendly, and dedicated to Ally’s systems and its properties’ residents
  • Also, optional on-site representatives* are available for supporting residents. Depending on your property’s needs, a dedicated representative can be at the ready for a menu of services.
  • *some qualifying restrictions may apply

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