Ally's Advantages

Ally's Advantages

Ally provides custom TV, faster internet, and improved communications solutions to properties for LESS than they’re currently paying: why pay for channels your residents never watch?  Ally provides significantly greater value to properties compared to both traditional cable and other bulk satellite installers, with an average of 50% and 25% savings, respectively.  Below are some of Ally’s ADDITIONAL advantages versus the competition.

Already buying your property’s TV, phone, or internet in bulk?  That’s smart – but we can show you how to save more.

 CableBulk Satellite CompetitorAlly Communications
Dedicated Internet Access?
Property-Wide wireless?
Wireless Point-to-Point systems?red-x2
Super-Fast Speeds (1 Gbps)?
Self-Healing Mesh Networks?
Infrastructure Assessment?
DSL Solutions?
Cable Modem Solutions?
On-site Representative?
US-Based 24/7 Support?
End-user Traffic Management?
Scalable & Flexible Network Designs?
Custom Channel Line-Up?
Community Channel?
Single Point-of-Contact?
Set-Top Box Free Solutions?
HD Without a Set-Top Box?
Full Property Assessment?
Service Level Agreements Guaranteeing Service?
Netflix, Hulu, Smart TV Integration Support?
HD, DVR Upgradability?
Individual Unit Upgradability?
Keep Same Phone & Phone Number?
Analog AND IP Phone Support?
Call-Waiting, Call-Forwarding?
Analog, VoIP, and T1 Calling Methods?
Unlimited Extensions?
Custom Call Queues & Routing?
Interactive Voice Response Systems?
Click-to-Call Switchboard?
See Who’s on the Phone?
Drag-and-Drop Phone Transfers?
Custom Music On-Hold?


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