Advanced TV Services : Traditional & IP Solutions

TV Services

Ally Communications’ TV services are powered by DirecTV, Dish Network, and local network providers, delivering stronger satellite signals and the best high definition content directly to your property.  Our commercial-grade equipment and single dish solutions guarantee superior picture quality and continuous service for you and your residents.

Ally provides both traditional and advanced TV solutions, utilizing coax, fiber, Ethernet, and wireless infrastructure technologies.  Ally offers  solutions that are plug-and-play requiring NO set-top boxes, while our advanced systems offer both plug-and-play compatibility as well as a digital overlay that allows for individual units to upgrade their entertainment packages.

Ally's TV Advantages

At its core, Ally is a consortium of local and national TV, phone, and IT companies partnering together to deliver turn-key telecommunications solutions to multi-dwelling unit properties.  We pride ourselves with providing exceptional customer service; our technologies offers high availability and redundancy for all types of entertainment and IT systems, such as TV, phone, internet, network server, wireless, video surveillance, and building access control solutions. Our TV solutions feature:

  • Average prices up to 70% LESS than competitors
  • Customizable channel line-ups
  • No set-top boxes or equipment to purchase
  • More HD content than anywhere in the world
  • Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu Internet TV integration options
  • Free in-house community channels
  • Improved picture with a stronger signal
  • Premium channel packages such as HBO, Showtime, & Cinemax are available
  • HD/DVR systems available
  • Flexible infrastructure implementations
  • Individual resident upgradability options